The Beginning of Scorpion

HOUSTON, March 16, 2019 – – Nat J. Raggette, Founder & CEO, has officially launched his privately-held upstream oil and gas company, Scorpion Oil & Gas, LLC, with the acquisition of non-operated working interests in seven crude oil properties in the Central Basin Platform of the Permian Basin. With its first assets now in-house, Scorpion plans to use this acquisition as a stepping stone to pursue subsequently larger deals, with an ultimate focus on becoming a highly disciplined operator of conventional assets in off the beaten path basins. Scorpion hopes to become known for buying mature, low risk, conventional crude oil and natural gas assets where its management team can focus on operations to reduce costs and improve production and cash flow. According to Nat, “after several years of planning to launch Scorpion, we were finally able to find the right deal, at the right price and the right time to get our company started. My family is thrilled about the future of Scorpion and we would like to thank the team at Oil & Gas Clearinghouse for helping us make our dream come true. It feels really good to get Scorpion off the ground with our first deal, and what we hope will be a bright future with many more deals to come.”

About Scorpion Oil & Gas, LLC

Scorpion is a privately-held independent upstream company focused on the acquisition and development of U.S. onshore conventional oil and natural gas assets, with a current focus on the Black Warrior Basin of Mississippi and Alabama.  For more information about Scorpion Oil & Gas, please visit our website: